Our flavor menu offers a little something for everyone. The regulars can be found year round, while the guests rotate each month to highlight specific seasons or festive themes.

The Guests



Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookie

Created by home chef Alex, a peanut butter base with a strawberry jam ripple and nutter butter pieces.

Contains: Milk, Peanut; Wheat; Soy; Corn Starch

Wildberry Poptart

Created by home chef John, a strawberry-blueberry base with chunks of housemade shortbread, and blue buttercream frosting.

Contains: Milk; Wheat; Red/Blue/Yellow Food Die

Wedding Cake

Created by home chef Sarah, a prosecco base with chunks of almond cake and a drizzle of raspberry jam.

Milk; Wheat; Soy; Eggs

Cheerwine Cherry Crumble

Created by home chef Jennifer, a Cheerwine base with diced maraschino cherries and homemade oat crumble.

Contains: Milk; Oats; Corn; Red Food Die

Brown Butter Blondie

Created by home chef Melissa, a brown butter base with chunks of homemade blondies.

Contains: Milk; Wheat; Soy

Non Dairy German Chocolate Cookie

Created by home chef Liz, a chocolate coconut cream base with chunks of chocolate cookie and coconut gooey filling.

Contains: Coconut; Corn Starch

Forever Flavors

Double Fold Vanilla

Our Madagascar grown extract uses double the amount of vanilla beans by volume and we add a dash of vanilla paste to push this flavor over the top. We also support the amazing work being done by our friends at the Duke Lemur Center by adopting a lemur every year. Buy a scoop, help save a lemur!

Contains: Milk

Classic Chocolate

Arguably the best cocoa on the planet, Callebaut, gets turned into a milky-chocolatey ganache that will make heads roll. Classic. Commanding. Chocolate.

Contains: Milk

Coffee Bourbon

Our Raleigh friends at Slingshot Coffee make the best cold brew coffee around, so what could make it better? Bourbon. And the bourbon made by our Durham friends, Mystic Bourbon, is exceptional.

Contains: Bourbon which is distilled from wheat, Milk

Girl Scout Mint

We buy thousands of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies directly from our local scout troops! The cookies get crushed and folded into mint ice cream made with organic peppermint extract.

Contains: Milk, Wheat

Roasted Strawberry and Honey

We wanted to have fresh strawberry on the menu year-round but they have a short growing season in NC. Enter our friends with Seal the Seasons and problem solved! Delicious North Carolina strawberries married to a ripple of local honey!

Contains: Milk

Sola Cinnamon Donut

Our “family” at SOLA Coffee and Cafe used to receive our shipments of cream before we had a commercial kitchen home. As a thank you, we now take their famous mini-donuts and dunk them overnight in our base to transform them into one of our signature flavors. You will want to thank them too.

Contains: Milk, Wheat, Eggs

Blackberry Hibiscus

There is one tea shop in Raleigh you need to visit, Tin Roof Teas. There is one fruit tea blend that you need to try, Blackberry Hibiscus. It’s a blend of hibiscus blossoms tossed with dried blackberries and other fruits. We did you one better and morphed this into an ice cream.

Contains: Milk

Cookies & Cream

Raise your hand if you can eat a whole sleeve of those delicious black and white cookies? Raise two hands if you can eat a whole pint of this classic combo!

Contains: Milk, Wheat

Sea Salt Chip Cookie Dough

Cookie dough just makes everything better.  The ladies at Southern Sugar Bakery make a show-stopping eggless cookie dough chock-full of chocolate chips.  Big, doughy chunks are tossed into our vanilla base so you get that perfect bite.

Contains: Milk, Gluten

Non Dairy Strawberry

This coconut cream based ice cream gives you all the strawberry flavor without any of the dairy.  Fruity and refreshing!

Non Dairy Chocolate

For our lactose free friends we made a coconut cream based chocolate flavor. It’s fudgy and full of cocoa!