Person St. Plaza

Our second shop, located in Person Street Plaza, opened in the summer of 2018 as a ``pop-up`` space. We are thrilled to be downtown next to our new neighbors, Yellow Dog Bread and Edge of Urge.

Greystone Village

Opened in 2017, our first shop is located in the Greystone Village Shopping Center at the corner of Lead Mine and Sawmill Roads. All the ice cream you taste is made right here. We have an amazing outdoor seating area that we share with our wonderful neighbors Gonza Tacos; Papa's Pizza and Subs; and Bottle Rev 3.


We started the business in 2014 at an awesome incubator, The Cookery. We love Durham and we wanted to stay connected to our fans when we opened our Raleigh shop. Enter the Durham Bulls. When they are in season, we have a stand in left field right under the ``Big Bull.`` What's more Americana than baseball and ice cream?

Food Truck

Since 2014, we've been roaming the streets of the Triangle with our cool get-up. We've done just about any and all festivals along with weddings, birthday parties, pet adoption events, and everything in between. Want to be the hero of an event you're working on? You know who to call.