On the porch of a piedmont farmhouse in North Carolina. That’s where it all started, beneath the watch of Granny’s two black wooden roosters. In the southern summers my family would gather on Sundays for a day of rest and re-connection. And ice cream. Neighbors would come over to share bounty from their garden for the next batch and sit a spell. We would sit for hours talking, laughing, story-swapping and painfully yet lovingly taking turns on that ole rock salt machine. We kids lived for that exact moment of approval when the slurry turned to scoops, our arms no longer fit for the churning, and the reward for our deeds became the epitome of happiness.

Granny’s house is no longer there, and the rock salt machine has too much rust. But the love, intrigue, and passion for ice cream has bloomed over the years, just like that hand-churned batch of fresh peaches and cream. Our awareness and appreciation for seasonal harvests and skilled purveyors is a nod to our shared history. The new neighbors are local farmers, brewers, bakers, chocolate makers, tea merchants, and food artisans. We invite you come to our porch and experience all that North Carolina has to offer. And by all means, sit a while.

– Jared

made the way it should be

We get all of our milk and cream from Homeland Creamery in Julian, NC and the NC State Dairy in Raleigh, NC to serve as the backdrop for all our flavors. They are the kindest, most supportive, flexible, gracious dairy farmers we know. They make sure their cows are treated with care and mindfulness. We can tell.

Our Second Shop

Located in Person Street Plaza, we opened in the summer of 2018 as a “pop-up” space. We are thrilled to be downtown next to our new neighbors, Yellow Dog Bread and Edge of Urge.